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It is a place on the north-west side of the island of Rab and it is the furthers place from the biggest town Rab. It was named after a little church st. Maria (st. Maria Neopari) which was mentioned in the 16th century. On the location of Cape Zidine you can see remains of antic defend architecture. 
Lopar is rich in nature multiplicity that is recognized in sea, sand, fertile soil, forest and unusual picture of nature that revile in form of olive-green cliffs facing toward northeast and the islands Goli otok and Grgur.

As a natural phenomena, Lopar is a famous resort with twenty-two sandy beaches, shallow water suitable for small children, and forest shade. Not far is the famous Rajska plaza (Heavenly beach) over 1.5 km in length. Beside this beach is an car camp, the San Marino Hotel Complex, recreation center with minor sports, tennis courts, mini golf, playground, diving school, surfing and sailing. The two small harbors can be used for small craft. Tourists appreciate the many private restaurants, shops and market, post office, bank. Of the twenty-two beaches, three are for nudists: Stolac, Sahara and Ciganka.

The people of Lopar are particularly proud of the sculptor Marinus, the founder of the state of San Marino. According to legend, during the second half of the third century, he reached Arminium, today's Rimini. As a  Christian, he had to flee from the Emperor Diocletian's persecutions. He settled on mount Titano where he lived as a hermit. Later, Marinus was joined by others and was able to establish a city and state. State San Marino and Rab are fraternal towns. There is a tourist complex in Lopar namen San Marino after its fraternal city and the sculptor / hermit Marinus.